But the question remains – why would you need two CNR slots? Interestingly, we learned from our recent trip to Taiwan that competing manufacturers seem to look up to ASUS as the benchmark to strive for. ASUS had 2 legendary boards: It is interesting that after folding the upper part of the box it becomes a ready support for a mainboard to be put to the storefront, which makes the box together with the board one of the most attractive things at the computer store. Take for example Jaguar company that is part of the Ford Concern – it’s high class English autocar, a real respectability.

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ASUS CUSL2-C, Socket 370, Intel (CUSL2-C-BLK) Motherboard

Please enable JavaScript asus cusl2 view the comments powered by Disqus. Usage of this card is, in fact, limited only by your imagination. We don’t have practically free sound in AC’97 codec, 3 audio connectors – Line-In, Line-Out and Microphone, and a connector for asks joy-stick.

For whatever reason, some companies manage to garner a sort of “cult” following. Besides, asus cusl2 today’s board lacks for a COM2 port as compared with the predecessor – it is replaced by a Smartconn – a connector for Smart-card reader, which is, in fact, asus cusl2 serial port.

The box also contains a stylish User’s Manual in English. Asus cusl2 most considerable difference between the two boards is the replacement asus cusl2 the ITE ITF chip asus cusl2 controller of a keyboard, a mouse, serial and parallel ports by the Winbond WGF, but I think that such change is connected not with any external factors but with the lack of chips in the storehouse of the company.


Asuus in Don’t have an account? Does it make sense to pay through the nose for a mainboard and save on a video adapter? Anyway, lack of a graphics core doesn’t tell upon asus cusl2 cost of this set of chips much, that is why a asus cusl2 won’t care much about the presence or absence of this integrated video adapter cause it fusl2 doesn’t tell upon the price of the motherboard. I think they should have covered the heatsink with silver or platinum like some AOpen boardsor have made it of silver like a Silverado cooler of NoiseControl made of hallmark silver.

ASUS CUSL2 Socket-370 i815E ATX

Interestingly, we learned from our recent trip to Taiwan that competing manufacturers seem to look up to ASUS as the benchmark to strive for. BioShock Infinite and Metro: This chipset features everything necessary for a modern PC: The complete set also includes Asus cusl2 Reader. To determine why they excluded this option we should look back. And I think the psychologists have also participated in the asus cusl2 of this product: AOpen has gone even further: USB hub was been taken out as well – 4 asus cusl2 are more than cus2l.

As usual, other companies have followed the pioneers. cusll2

The asus cusl2 disadvantage is, in my opinion, a relatively low memory size support and lack of error correction – but Asus cusl2 promotes other chipsets – with DRDRAM support – as asus cusl2 base cuzl2 servers and efficient work stations.

But for the base of a small Jaguar which is going to compete against Mercedes C-class or the third BMW they took chassis of Ford Mondeo of the last generation – this car stands much lower than Jaguar.


CUSL2-LS | ASUS Global

ucsl2 But it is worth making a diamond of one of the most popular company’s asus cusl2 to crown its constellation of motherboards: But this step allows saving a lot of money when developing a platform for a new Jaguar.

Instead of AGP Pro slot there asus cusl2 a usual AGP – and indeed, video chips are being transferred little by little on the finer technological process. Well, it very “easy” money!

As for stability of work, there is nothing to asus cusl2 about. ASUS happens to be one of those companies in the motherboard industry. Now cusl the most interesting part of the review – the BIOS. First it supports only MBytes memory, it lacks Cuso2 support, and the performance asus cusl2 up hope – the level set by BX hasn’t been beaten. They took their bestseller – the CUSL2-C board – and worked a bit asus cusl2 its design thus receiving an elite product.

Auto Detect increase by up to 0. Another problem concerns the board’s complete set.

VGA connector of integrated video disappeared as well, but the layout didn’t allow the second COM-port to be put on asus cusl2 regular place – it ‘s left on the front edge of the board. All the asus cusl2 are silvery-black, and only a gold-plated heatsink is an exception. Now as for the benchmark results.