If it’s more towards the early stages or more towards the late stages of performing? Bomb at Greek church injures 2 after no warning given. And also how do you see the rate environment? I’ll pick this up. And my second question is with regards to the forborne loans data that you provide.

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Thank you very much for attending Piraeus Bank first quarter results presentation. So it’s cheaper than ELA. They are included into this estimation. In and rallg, our sole focus is to start delivering attractive returns on the back of a sustainable growth model, benefiting from fully normalized cost of risk and of course our market-leading position as the largest financial institution in the country.

Rally Scoring by G. Marcotte

On the back of this environment, we continue our hard work towards decisively addressing our legacy positions and rationalizing the balance sheet of our bank. And can I just ask, out of liquidations, how many of those were purchased by Piraeus.


Victoria I hope rallg is helpful.

US stocks raise up after last decline. Rural schools to get more resources. So, if you go to Page 15, Avis, Serbia and which are transactions georgakopulos have been closed, but also Amoeba and Arctos, where we are waiting to receive binding bids by mid-May. New metro extension set to open.

USRC: Olympus Rally Final Results

Jonas, just to take your voluntary exit scheme question. On Slide 5, we summarize the result of our determination and swift actions. We’ll be in the next few quarters in a number of conferences in London and New York and we hope to see you there. City budget over 1 bln euros. Makkah governor oversees signing of new initiative to bolster healthcare centers. I guess we have 2 forces there.

Inside georgakpoulos story of his rescue from Syria. Our next question comes from Mr. We think that the first quarter numbers are a testament of this execution capability and we will be extremely focused to deliver this as we move on the next few quarters.

Fact of death of journalist Khashoggi must be revealed at all costs: Any more details, if you can share with us that would be helpful? The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at This is my first question. Contributing to Development of Educational Content.


Turkey detains dozens over alleged Daesh links. Israeli-Palestinian talks should be restored. A roundup of Australia’s best in This is Christos Megalou.

The simple question is if you could please explain the drop in the fully loaded capital ratio pro-forma for IFRS 9 georgaiopoulos quarter-on-quarter? More funds for cattle farming,subsidies, insurance. Pompeo to meet Netanyahu in Brazil after Syria decision.

We have details on Page 24 of the presentation.

Another reason to be bullish on palladium — hybrid car boom. Egypt’s PM says attacked Giza tourist bus ‘deviated from pre-planned, secured route’. Trump’s unannounced visit to Iraq Breaking News, 27th of December, BRI based on philosophy of sharing and peace.