USB business card reader. Some folks are beginners at computers and some to genealogy. All posts go in the archives! If someone has this device and wants to write driver I have the Windows source code for some of these scanners. The idea of this page is to provide information about which Mustek scanner is supported by which SANE backend.

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We don’t want advertisements, but if you find an interesting collection on Ancestry, FamilySearch, Library of Congress, or some other site that has relevance to the list, let people know. Subjects range from very basic questions on creating and uploading your first web page, to advanced web authoring techniques using Cascading Style Sheets CSSJavascript JSand media queries for mobile friendly sites.

Some people tried to get the scanners working but Msutek haven’t got a success report until now.

Mustek Scanner List

Send an email to rootsweb-help-leave rootsweb. If anyone is interested to write code, I can provide what I have. An informative but concise subject line.


I have the Windows source code for some of these scanners. Even if the blog has ads, that is not a problem. BearPaw TA Pro: If someone has this device and wants to write driver USB business card reader. You may find some more information at the handheld scanners pages. New collections on various genealogy sites that are relevant.

Uses its own parport-like card II EP: I don’t even know the SCSI ids. Antivirus by Nancy Dixon. Give as much detail as you can. Genealogy and family history conferences, even if they charge for admission.

Mustek scanner list

Queries by Musgek Carter. Access home page by Lynwood Peterson. Please send any comments or support requests to the sane-devel mailing list. Send an email to rootsweb-help rootsweb. You can also get a list of all Mustek scanners we know about by using the Scanner Search Engine.

Every Mustek scanner should be listed here, at least in a category like “all parport scanners”.


December – ROOTSWEB-HELP –

File info by Lynwood Peterson. The slider may bump at the end of the scan area! Book reviews of genealogy books are reasonable to post. Uses the SQ11 chipset.

Champaign Co, IL online by Clare. The world is a better place when we are all patient with each other. Martin Guy found out more details about these scanners.

It is not supported by the Mustek backend. Requests for help by John Quigley. Most Mustek parport scanners: Please contact me when there are mutek scanners or when a scanner is supported by a backend. Be careful when doing experiments. Maybe works as a USB storage device?