Water-resistant MP3 players are few and far between, let alone ones designed for the rigors of swim training. Rather than piping sound into a listener’s ears through the front, or I suppose side, doors, bone conduction channels vibrations to the inner ear through other bones in the skull or jaw. Even the power button is a multi-purpose affair; it pauses and resumes playback with a click and powers the unit when held for two seconds. Some, like crack, heroin, cigarettes, and even coffee, are wrapped up in chemical dependencies. I turn mine off using the reset button. I was somewhat disappointed, as I felt that the music volume was lower than I would have liked. Although I haven’t done a big race in years, I’ve kept up my weight training, running, and riding one of six bikes—another addiction.

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Fiins a screen, the SwiMP3 is considerably more difficult to navigate than most MP3 players, especially since it lacks something like the VoiceOver dictation scheme finis swimp3 Apple has for the display-less iPod shuffle.

But put your head into some water, and you can immediately hear your songs. It is compact which is great for swimming. Although I haven’t done a big race in years, I’ve kept up my weight training, running, and riding one of six bikes—another addiction. Chocolate Chip Day Shortbread. I noticed this finis swimp3 when doing the breast finis swimp3 between interval sets and also when swimming in particularly choppy open swimpp3. The overall volume xwimp3 the unit could be a little louder for me as I’ve lost partial hearing finis swimp3 my left ear.

I’ve basically had to take the songs out of their Album and put them in a separate finis swimp3 before loading them on t o my Mp3 player.


I could probably listen to finis swimp3 while swimming, but the volume was sufficiently low as to rule out listening to any kind of audio book finis swimp3 podcast. Needs a dedicated shuffle button on the opposite ear piece. They were ewimp3 too finis swimp3 nor too small for my face.

But given today’s bargain-basement memory prices, it still irks me that Finis cheaped out on the SwiMP3’s capacity. There is depth and the tone is very clear. This Finis digital media player allows you finis swimp3 enjoy songs up to 32 hours on a single charge. One acts as a reset switch for the player, so you really only use three of the buttons for navigation.

It’s hard because you have finis swimp3 remember which is next and which is previous finis swimp3 on your fingers because you can’t see them when you are in the water and then the combination to make you skip to the next playlist and finis swimp3 put it on shuffle.

My first test of the SwiMP3 was to stick my head into a full bathtub, just to see whether they worked. Running and weight lifting have less to offer on that front, but at least I can zone out to music with an MP3 player.

Finis SwiMP3.2G Black/Yellow (2 GB) Digital Media Player

Granted, MB is still enough room for a few hours of music, which should last swimpp3 length of even the most demanding swim workout. However, the fact that the device’s loudness fades in and out depending on finis swimp3 one’s head is submerged can be a little distracting.

I like finis swimp3 device because it is innovative, it supports water movements, is very easy to put music, and updated the firmware.


Finis offers SwiMP3 Media Manager software for download on its website, too, but there’s no need to bother with it. When swimming freestyle in calmer conditions, the SwiMP3’s playback was much smoother, even during finis swimp3 sprints.

Swimming laps with Finis’ SwiMP3 player

The SwiMP3’s finis swimp3 controls are consolidated on one side of the unit. I was somewhat swmp3, as I felt that the music volume was lower than I would have liked.

I also charge mine once a week. Hi I swim finis swimp3 the Finis SwimMp3. Make folders for playlists mine are music and podcasts.

Filling the SwiMP3 finis swimp3 a snap, though. The lower ranges of the spectrum tend to be overdone, as well—an apparent by-product of the bone conduction process itself. I haven’t dwimp3 any issues with it affecting my seal on my goggles, like one reviewer said.

Finis SwiMPG Black/Yellow (2 GB) Digital Media Player | eBay

The USB connector is on a small siwmp3 on the cable that connects the headphones together. Our SwiMP3 sample arrived with a small carrying case, a pair of goggles, and a swim swi,p3. Others, such as the need to obsessively monitor Facebook, Finis swimp3, or the goings on in World of Warcraftseem more behavioral. I bought this product because I swim every day, some days swimming for more finis swimp3 two hours. Fortunately, I didn’t find myself needing to fiddle with the finis swimp3 during actual workouts.