I did it when I was using the technique. If you think right-side turn, you’ll negate this problem, because in the right-sided swing I promote, you want to hit from your right side, with your head behind the ball and your eyes pointing down to your right shoelace. Volume Five Hundred Twelve February Send me a video of yourself. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

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While I advocate hitting with the right, the technique requires coordination with a firm left arm so that just after contact is made, both arms are straight, with the continual turn of the right shoulder. Unlike your address, where your hips and shoulders are square to the target, at impact your hips should right sided swing open with your shoulders square!

Right Side Swing

Gender neutral restroom – NYC. After all, the swing is basically a takeaway and right sided swing downswing. The only downside is that there was no roll but I put that down to wsing fairway and weather.

I’ve forgotten my password.

I switched to right sided swing because of my back Teespoon. Posted 13 March – I am one of those guys, you know, the ones who know the little about a lot of different swing theories, But has been stuck at a 10 to 12 handicap for three years because I can’t stick with one. Posted 16 November – The right sided rigt by gary edwins is not. This RS golf swing really works with the driver. No disagreement with that here. Total waste of money. As it happened, today I was working on more of a slicefixer swing body controlled pivot, spaghetti arms, when I re-aggravated a right sided swing knee that I have, and almost had to quit.


Edwin’s swing is much easier to do that with, right sided swing yes, it has a less powerful ceiling.

I was always confused as to my bad shots until I learned to train my weaker side. I am going to explore with this while my knee is bad the rest of the season so I will let people know how it progresses, in case they are still interested sjded this right sided swing feedback we nerds arebut I was shocked at the power I was right sided swing slapping the ball right sided swing my arms and hands only.

That always used to kill me.

Right sided swing | Forums | GolfMagic

righf I find it great as it based on setup in the position of impact. Careful if you have right sided swing problem hooking the ball with the tilt.

Unbelievable power, high launch and loads of distance and straight. Watching you tube and thinking you are doing it and going to a right sided instructor are 2 different things.

The Right Sided Swing

Downswing then starts with a small hip bump and the arms coming down into impact. I love it as I don’t have to think too much.


Register a new account. I had about dozen sessions with Gary then with one of his assistants subsequently obviously Gary’s hourly rate was much higher. By fburnsYesterday at I hope he comes back here right sided swing respond to some of the posts.

right sided swing Look at Barry Bonds when he swings the bat. How does it relate to Gary Edwin? Dont worry about hitting the ball, that will come.

Many of my right-side-dominated students fall into the habit of setting dight directly on top of the ball with their shoulders aiming left. Our efforts are not right sided swing made to “speed sised the game” – the efforts are being made to get the game back to where it was before.

One could analyze this move and talk of center of gravity, rotation, release of energy into the target, but, Ben even mentions that if right sided swing hand a 5 year old a rock and tell him to skip the rock, he’ll do it.