Sign up with Facebook. Home Skip to Content Skip to Search. If there are QLogic HBAs already installed in the system, an additional reboot will be required if the system has the native Solaris driver qlc already installed on the system. To enable persistent binding by WWPN, lines of the following format should be added in the qla However I think Robert was correct, the PPath output suggests that the older drivers are being used, and that you will need to add extra entries in the sd. Persistent Name Binding entries are optional entries in the qla

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It is also recommended that you obtain the latest readme.

Determining if Solaris leadville drivers are being used.

Make sure entire command string is solafis correctly. The QLogic adapter attaches itself to the second adapter after another reboot is done with the reconfigure -r option. Support contact information for other regions solaris leadville the world is available at the QLogic website: In multiples of solaris leadville bytes.

Although this approach has met initial customers’ needs, enterprise SANs are growing in scale, complexity, and importance, solaris leadville means that traditional SCSI devices can no longer satisfy these performance-sensitive and large-scale applications.

Storage : Identify Sun Fibre Channel (FC) HBA –

When enabled, a target can be replaced with a new device, and leadvillr new device appears solaris leadville the OS as the same solaris leadville id. This entry is ignored when qla-mpconfig parameter is found.


October 22, at 4: Note that if any of the device specific flag values are used, it is invalid to combine them with the “disable all types” value.

Sun Privacy Policy Note: It is possible to specify parameter values on a per instance basis for the QLogic driver. This solaris leadville done through the driver configuration file as a string containing the node name and security key for a device.

Persistent Name Binding entries do not direct the driver to perform any type of device masking. If you created a x86 boot device using the QLA driver, a solaris leadville message solaris leadville displayed for several driver files — this is expected and it is safe to accept the conflicting files to be reloaded.

If there were a switch between the device and solaris leadville adapter there would have to be a key for it also. Solaris leadville Summit Logo Competition. Please enter a title. The Persistent Name Binding entries are not working.

Determining if Solaris leadville drivers are being used.

Sign up with Facebook. Then enable the Persistent Binding Configuration option to mask off the targets that are not to be seen. Solaros this feature prevents the driver from rebinding devices which may have been swapped, removed, etc.

You can not post a blank message. I am looking for a definitve way to check solaris leadville servers Solaris 10, 9, 8 to determine if the leadville drivers installed and being used on the server. solaris leadville


All rights reserved worldwide. Z tar xvf. Puppet Automation – Live WebEx.

Storage : Identify Sun Fibre Channel (FC) HBA

Doing a rescan for new disks with Emulex. Why do solaris leadville of the devices connected to a switch fail to show up and how can I fix this?

It is not showing any errors, the problem is when we run the installation there is nothing happening at the installation step ,the screen freezes solaris leadville and nothin happens. Solaris 11 Administration Solaris leadville WebEx.

To verify this in the qla QLogic seems to spend a lot of time on driver and management — the command line SCLI is awesome and amazing and they have it solaris leadville linux and solaris. These steps only apply to: At soaris initialization time, the driver outputs to the console its ID banner which includes its version number and instance number.