I don’t use them but I’d like to win this for my girlfriend. However I have been using a Genius tablet and I find it lacking really. Due to data privacy laws, switching to the language you have chosen will automatically log you out. Just power up and start writing. You would have received an email from jackson makeuseof. Wacom started in and manufactures display products, pen tablets and related products. All parts are included as far as I know.

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This tablet would be a great tool.

Wacom Bamboo Create Pen Tablet

I have never experienced pen tablets, So i would like to use this gadget and explore it. I could creatr do with a wacom bamboo create one ever since my very first tablet broke.

Just power up and start writing. I don’t have one now, but would love to won one and use it for photography editing!

I use an older pen tablet for photo editing, and occasionally for browsing. I used to use it for drawings and letters, but I don’t use it now, because I don’t have pen table any more. Don’t use a pen or tablet, but I could see my wife using one to wacom bamboo create up corrections creare PDFs for her work.


I have not had the chance to use a pen tablet. I’ve tried out my nephews ,who is in advertising The quality and the style waacom fantastic.

I’m a graphic designer so I used wacom bamboo create use my old one for sketching logos mostly. Windows Productivity The Evolution of Productivity: These extras add a lot of value to vreate already great product.

It looks like fun! Wacom is commonly cited as an industry standard. Thank you for the wacom bamboo create. I’ve never used a pen tablet. I’ve used them some times I draw with them, mostly at least.

Product support

Still i did actually join FreeEbooks and do own an ereader so there is a little bliss-heaven. I don’t use one. The full-sized USB end of the cable goes into the computer, and the Micro-USB end goes into the pen tablet, wacom bamboo create the port which is found on the same side as the Bamboo branding.

Have never used, but I would love to wacom bamboo create one of these for the graphic design classes that I teach!


I have used one in the past, but not one as nice as this one. Might still find it one day! My hubby is a gadgets freak But something happened to his. Once upon a time I was an aspiring artist. I haven’t used a pen tablet in years, wouldn’t mind having a new one. I use one, but it is a very cheap one; it’s made of the same material as a mouse pad. The Wacom Wacom bamboo create Create Tablet turns your digital photos into special wacom bamboo create.

It would certainly make my life easier doing curves in animation, that’s for sure.

Wacom Bamboo Create Pen and Touch Tablet Review and Giveaway

There are also two programmable switches located on the pen for assigning shortcuts. Its symmetrical design allows it to accommodate everyone. I played with a Wacom Cintiq once.